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Landscape is a multifaceted corporation subsumed of three primary divisions: Architecture and interior design, design build or construction and realtor services. Landscape offers bespoke furniture design and production, complete project management and provides best building materials for its valued clientele.

The company composes a display of departments executing in chorus of design and renovation marked by the use of industrial materials, equipment and innovations which makes a design that has never been experienced before. Landscape designs are well- integrated with the modern era. We make use of globally applauded technological mechanism, eminently controlled workflow and checkpoint compliant systems while having the most proficient administration across architectural design.

Today, Landscape has an extensive margin of superiority over others be it realtor perspective, engineering, modern designs or project management from scratch. Our client centric strategies implement an ever lasting impact, which with assurance we demonstrate by consistent deliverance.

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The interior of a space is defined by four elements, the wall, ceiling, floor profile and furniture. It involves applying creative and technical solutions to a building or structure to achieve the desired interior environment. From using ingenious materials and features from the whole universe for creativity, we provide solutions that are both functional and artistic. The designs serves to enhance the quality of life of inhabitants and to be aesthetically attractive.

The interior Architects at Landscape follow a systematic and coordinated methodology including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process. What emerges is a common core of drawing facts and a design methodology of problem solving geared towards analytical (problem defining) and outcome processes (problem solving) connected to human and environmental desires.

Be it interior designing of an office space, hotel lounge & suites, residential space, restaurant or café, display centre, retail outlet, shop or store, sports club or a recreational centre.

The Interior architects at landscape are meticulous to understand your design objectives and budget limitations and present you with contemporary and modern ideas.

Creativity is in our genes therefore our designs are a piece of an art. We at landscape redefine the space that surround you, using imagination and innovation in interior décor, lighting, bringing colour to walls and executing the plan in a manner that is ahead of its time.


From strategic planning of architecture of the built space to engineering technology that needs to be employed for construction, architects at landscape integrate all these services with a creative approach which is in harmony with the architectural needs of the modern era.

In compliance with the international standards, aesthetics, mood board and award winning concepts we deliver best suited design solutions for your living or commercial spaces.

The designers at Landscape are contemporary specialists that manage your architectural services, implement drawings to interior as well as exterior to create beautiful spaces. Be it a corporate office, a plot of land, a new house or building or remodelling of an existing space.

The entire process revolves around the designing of the habitat, serving a higher purpose through time, space and human experience. We make sure that precise measurements are taken into systematic concern and then finished into a monument of your dreams. It is vital for us to ensure that the environment that has been created for you is exactly the same as you wished for.

At landscape our architects strive to keep themselves up to date with the evolution of architecture in the modern world incorporating a variety of technology into the construction process. They are highly qualified being registered with PCATP and IAP, following the principals of leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) and strive to design green buildings. Our highly skilled staff not only know what they have in hand but are greatly enthusiastic to experiment and cut through the complexity. Our aim is to make our clients lives easier and better.


'Project Management' or 'Construction Management' are terms sharing similar meaning with 'Turnkey Management' within the scope of services offered.

Landscape manages clients' projects pertaining to design, engineering and construction. DBOT (Design Build Operate Transfer) or Turnkey is the methodology followed at Landscape covering architectural design & layout, engineering (civil, structural, electrical & plumbing), plot maintenance, site supervision, security & handling of materials, contractors and logistics based on set timelines.

The idea is to offload the client from getting involved into various tedious tasks such as short listing contractors, supervising and managing account of material purchase & handling, quality of work being produced in line with the scope of design and set budgets and off course within the decided timelines. Landscape is well equipped to protect your interests during the entire life-cycle of the project execution leading towards success of your project.

Landscape works closely with the client, understanding their objectives and budget limitations. From acquiring design brief to planning, proposal and sharing design layouts, timelines on Gantt Chart are shared. These timelines are set in line with a realistic time spent on design & engineering and thereon acquiring feedback, approval and changes proposed to be incorporated within the draft. Landscape manages risks and control costs at every stage of the project, from preconstruction design & planning layout and complete construction oversight to post-construction services.

Having on board Engineers for Civil, Electrical and Structural works, top Architects Designers, and Draftsman, Landscape helps you maximize limited project resources through design, engineering, site planning & supervision, construction sequencing and more.


Landscape Architecture
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