About Us

Incorporated in England and Wales, United Kingdom, Landscape Architecture & Interiors Limited offers architecture planning, interior design, complete scope of construction and fit-outs together with bespoke furniture design and production.

Our team of Architects and Designers studies the space, bye-laws, client brief and develops project goals in order to propose a functional and creative design. This entails architectural planning and interior design, schematics and layout. Subsequently, the design is converted into 3Ds, with material selection and BOQs for client’s approval and execution on site. Our on-board Engineers devise an execution plan to bring design into being.

You many view our projects Gallery, News and Research, Design Process Flow sections. We welcome all queries at [email protected] pertaining to retail, commercial, residential, high-rise mixed use buildings, corporate, industrial and monumental projects.

Contact us by virtually any means of communication. Our love for art will only inspire you truly.